Where To Find Truth Hope Purpose

where to find truth hope purpose

Where does one go to find truth, hope, purpose today? To say the world has changed dramatically in the last nine months would be the understatement of the century. Moreover, the ugly truth about 2020 and 2021 is that our nation is more divided than ever …

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False Teachers [13 Ways You Can Spot Them]

false teachers 13 ways you can spot them

False teachers exist inside the clergy and outside of the church. How do you know you are listening to one? False interpretation of God’s Word is one of the ways. Moreover, read on because in this message we will detail the 13 ways you can spot …

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How To Share Your Faith With Anyone

how to share your faith with anyone

Becoming a child of God is a sacred experience. It is for you to share the gospel, to share your faith with others. Moreover, walking with The Lord is about your service to Him and to mankind. And yet sharing your faith, sharing the gospel with those around …

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Do You Know What Idols Are Today?

do you know what idols are today?

Idolatry, idol worship doesn’t sound good, but what is a modern day idol anyway? Do you know specifically what idols are like today in 2021? Webster’s online dictionary defines an idol two ways. An object of extreme devotion A representation or symbol of an object of …

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