How To Share Your Faith With Anyone

how to share your faith with anyone

Becoming a child of God is a sacred experience. It is for you to share the gospel, to share your faith with others. Moreover, walking with The Lord is about your service to Him and to mankind. And yet sharing your faith, sharing the gospel with those around …

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Your 7 Amazing Perfect And True Love Notes

your amazing perfect and true love note

The love note, the love letter, filled with deep affection, strength and an amazing grace toward those who receive it. We have all received them during our days from the people who we love and those who love and have loved us. Love, it has been …

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How You Find Wisdom And Riches

how you find wisdom and riches

Wisdom and Riches. How do you find wisdom and riches? In Books, from a mentor, a life coach, the internet? All these claim they have wisdom and riches. Wisdom. Knowing the answers to many things under the sun! Riches. You could have anything and buy anything …

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How Waiting And Trusting [Make You Successful]

how waiting and trusting make you successful

Waiting, Trusting, Obey and Patience can be at times hard words to hear. The late 14th century poet William Langland is credited with the saying; “Patience is a virtue.” Isaiah 40:31: “But those who wait on the LORD will find new strength.  They will fly high …

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