Happiness Is Freedom [What Is Your Cost]

happiness is freedom what is your cost

Happiness is freedom, but what is your cost for true happiness and freedom? In today’s world, purchasing or experiencing things bring you only temporary happiness. Moreover, sacrificing of yourself to bring happiness to another, does not bring to you, true happiness, and freedom. In truth, real …

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What Is Your Cost To Follow Christ

what is your cost to follow christ

The cost of discipleship, following Jesus Christ, have you counted your cost to follow Christ? Things, possibly people, that you will have to give up and strip away from this present life you live. In this message we will show you what it means to be …

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This Is How To Truly Pray To God

this is how to pray to god the right way

Do you want to know how you are to pray to God? The Bible, teaches us that prayer comprises an important part of a Christian’s life. It includes how we talk to God, receive directions from Him, and ask for forgiveness from our sins. Yet, many …

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Who Is God [Truth Or Fantasy]

who is god powerful truth or fantasy

Who is God to You, the all knowing powerful truth or a fantasy, a fairy tale? Truth is that which is in accordance with fact or reality. I am a former radio show host who now does a daily blog and podcast. Great radio show hosts …

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