5 Things You Must Do To Live Forever

live forever, immortality

It’s not a secret that all people want to live forever. But what if you could actually do it? What steps would you need to take in order to achieve immortality? That is the question we will be answering today. Living forever may seem like something …

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100 Bible Verses That Will Give You Hope

bible verses that will give you hope

Hope springs eternal when you turn to Bible Verses that will give you hope. Trying to recall the first time you heard the phrase hope springs eternal and who said it? It comes from the Alexander Pope essay written sometime around the year 1733. The Holy …

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How You Can Avoid Temptation To Sin

how you can avoid temptation to sin

The temptation to sin is something that every person here on earth deals with, most every day. Have you figured out how you can avoid the temptation to sin? 1 Corinthians 10:13 says to us that there is no temptation that is uncommon for humans. When …

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