7 Great Ways To Conquer Your Days

7 great ways to conquer your days

There are 7 great ways to conquer your days that will enable you to live a productive and fruitful life. The late motivational speaker Jim Rohn was once quoted as saying; “Either you run the day, or the day runs you.” Let’s get right to it …

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3 Ways Your Prayer Group Will Inspire You

3 ways your prayer group will inspire you

When we lift one another up in a prayer group; with prayers for healing and prayers for strength, peace, and love, we are acting in accordance with God’s Will. Prayer is God’s great gift to us, His way of allowing us to speak to Him and …

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Moments Inspire You [Where GOD Leads You]

moments inspire you where god leads you

It’s your life moments that inspire you to where God leads you, to fulfill the purpose he has for your life. Moreover, those moments at times breed revelation that moves us to take action. For better or for worse. One early life moment for me was …

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