This Is How To Truly Pray To God

Do you want to know how you are to pray to God?

The Bible, teaches us that prayer comprises an important part of a Christian’s life.

It includes how we talk to God, receive directions from Him, and ask for forgiveness from our sins.

Yet, many new believers in Christ often wonder how to pray.

Moreover, many people who have been in the faith for a while want to know how to better their prayer life.

Below, we’ll get into how to pray to God the right way, following Biblical instruction.

Keep reading to learn more about how to pray, the right way.

Biblical Instruction on How to Pray to God

The Bible has numerous instructions on prayer, all of which become beneficial for your daily walk with God.

In 1 Thessalonians 5:17, the Bible teaches us to pray in a continuous manner, lifting all of your daily thoughts and needs up to God.

This keeps you in constant communication with God, which furthers your relationship with Him.

Yet, this doesn’t mean you should stand out in public praying in a loud fashion.

In fact, the Bible warns against this, as this was the manner in which religious hypocrites prayed.

They enjoyed this type of prayer because it brought attention to themselves and caused others to think of them as holy.

The point of prayer shouldn’t consist of wanting to look good in front of other people.

Instead, the Bible says you should go into your room and close the door, praying to God in secret (Matthew 6:6).

The closed door also provides you with some privacy, allowing you to pray without being self-conscious.

Pray the Lord’s Prayer

Some of the most direct instructions on how to pray come from Jesus Christ Himself.

He directs His disciples to pray the Lord’s Prayer, which Christians may find in Matthew 6:9-13.

These verses take us through several phases.

First, it begins by recognizing Who God is and blessing His Name.

It then moves on to pray for God’s Kingdom to come to earth and requests that God give us spiritual nourishment.

Then, it asks God to forgive us of our sins and reminds us to also forgive others, this includes our enemies, those who have sinned against us.

Finally, it requests that God keep us from falling into temptation.

Pray to Give Thanks

Philippians 4:6 instructs us to give thanks through our prayers.

Thankfulness reminds us of the blessings in our lives and reiterates God’s goodness, even when times get tough.

So, as you begin your prayers, take some time to thank God for everything He has done for you.

The greatest gift you have been given by God is a relationship with Him through prayer.

Begin your day in reverence and thanks to Him, on your knees.

You have much to be thankful for.

If it were not for God, you would not exist.

Pray and Ask for Forgiveness

The Bible makes it clear that the only way to God is by believing in His One and Only Son Jesus Christ.

Many people confess their sins when they first pray and invite Jesus Christ to enter their lives.

We believers call this God’s Gift of Salvation, because, after giving your life to Christ, your name is written in God’s Book of Life.

Still, some people continue to sin after they become believers in Jesus Christ.

Know that this does not compromise your salvation, but God still wants us to ask for His forgiveness, because any and all sin separates you from God.

Repent for your wrongdoing when you pray.

You should ask God to forgive you even of the sins you might not have awareness of committing and ask Him to make known any sins you may not consciously be aware of.

All sin is bad.

Yes, even the so-called smaller sins, such as white lies, gossiping, or judging others without meaning to do so.

Take heart and know that you have The One and Only Son of the Living God, Jesus Christ, in your corner always!

Pray for Others

Do you want to know how to encourage others on their journey through this life?

Pray for them.

Often, Christian communities ask for prayer for one another.

So, make it a habit to ask your friends how you may best lift them up in prayer.

If you go to any places in which prayer requests get taken, try to remember them and pray for these people on a regular basis.

You should also pray for those who do not believe in Jesus Christ.

Ask God to show Himself to them and turn their heart towards Him.

If they let you know of anything happening in their lives, pray for God’s will to be done always.

Ask God how you might best demonstrate His love toward them.

Pray About Your Life’s Calling

God has a plan for everyone’s life.

When you communicate with God, you should ask Him to confirm whether your current life circumstances match His plan.

Trust, listen and obey are the keys to knowing God’s calling for your life.

Sometimes, God may tell us things we don’t want to hear or asks us to do things when we don’t know how they will work.

During this time, have faith.

Because the God of all creation does all things for His good purposes.

When God has a plan for our lives, it means He already knows how everything will work out.

So, when God commands you to do something through your prayer time, get started on it and expect He will come through for you!

Pray for Peace

Prayer helps us through difficult times.

Many people report feeling calmer after praying.

Pray for our leaders, those in government and those in the pulpit, who have been called to lead all people to God.

Ask God to give you peace as you go through the rest of your day and pray that all can know the peace that is in Jesus Christ.

Pray Like This

  1. Praise The Lord for creating you!
  2. Thank Him for all He Is, all He has done for you and all He has provided you with.
  3. Let Him know that you forgive anyone who has wronged you, past and present.
  4. Ask Him to forgive you for any sins you have committed and make known to you any unclean thing or sin that is not at the forefront of your mind.
  5. Pray to The Lord and ask Him to teach you His ways.
  6. Ask Him to fill you with His Spirit and to go with you, wherever you go this day.
  7. Pray to Him to fill you with love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness and gentleness.

Want to Learn More About Praying to God?

So, do you want to learn how to pray to God?

Knowing how to pray becomes one of the most important parts of a Christian’s everyday life.

Whether you have just come into the faith or have believed for a long time, you can always improve on how you pray.

It’s a way for you to have an amazing relationship with The One True Living God!

Pray each and everyday and look to find a prayer group because when two or more come in His Name, He is present!

Let’s take this journey together each week as you will find new Christian Blogs here each and every week designed especially for you to help with your walk through this life.

Psalm 102:18; “Let this be written for a future generation, that a people not yet created may praise the Lord.”

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