How You Find Wisdom And Riches

how you find wisdom and riches

Wisdom and Riches. How do you find wisdom and riches? In Books, from a mentor, a life coach, the internet? All these claim they have wisdom and riches. Wisdom. Knowing the answers to many things under the sun! Riches. You could have anything and buy anything …

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[2020 Leadership] What Is Your Point?

2020 leadership what is your point?

Here is a question to every political and public leader in 2020, 2021 and beyond, what is your point? Leadership, round and round it goes, where it stops nobody knows. This person leans one way, another person leans the other way, the only way anyone should …

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Moments Inspire You [Where GOD Leads You]

moments inspire you where god leads you

It’s your life moments that inspire you to where God leads you, to fulfill the purpose he has for your life. Moreover, those moments at times breed revelation that moves us to take action. For better or for worse. One early life moment for me was …

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