7 Biblical Reasons To Go To Church

9 biblical reasons to go to church

There are several biblical reasons to go to church. 2020 brought with it unprecedented challenges. Many believers continue to struggle with these challenges today. While some Christians are out of the habit of attending church due to COVID-19, others may remain prohibited from physical attendance by state …

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How You Can Avoid Temptation To Sin

how you can avoid temptation to sin

The temptation to sin is something that every person here on earth deals with, most every day. Have you figured out how you can avoid the temptation to sin? 1 Corinthians 10:13 says to us that there is no temptation that is uncommon for humans. When …

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What Are 7 Different Deadly Types Of Sin

what are the different types of sin

There are several different types of sin. In this message we will focus on the big 7. Satan is a crafty fellow. The sins that take you further away from God, until ultimately losing your soul to Satan can seem very appealing. This is why it’s …

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This Is How To Truly Pray To God

this is how to pray to god the right way

Do you want to know how you are to pray to God? The Bible, teaches us that prayer comprises an important part of a Christian’s life. It includes how we talk to God, receive directions from Him, and ask for forgiveness from our sins. Yet, many …

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