Living In A Fallen World [This Is What It Means]

living in a fallen world this is what it means

We live in a fallen world. But what does “fallen world” mean, and what are the implications of this reality? Whether you’re new to Christianity, a long-time believer, or exploring what it means to follow Christ, you must understand this concept. The fallen nature of the …

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This Is How to Find Your Calling From God

this is how to find your calling from god

If you’re trying to figure out how to find your calling from God, read this because in this message we will show you how to find your calling from God! Are you wondering how to find God’s calling for your life? According to the Bible, every …

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Why Your Strong Beliefs May Destroy You

why your strong beliefs may destroy you

Your strong beliefs are your convictions, what you hold true in your life. Moreover, your strong beliefs, these passionate convictions, can change during the course of your life which results in a course correction on what you say, think and how you act. They: Are assumptions …

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How You Find Wisdom And Riches

how you find wisdom and riches

Wisdom and Riches. How do you find wisdom and riches? In Books, from a mentor, a life coach, the internet? All these claim they have wisdom and riches. Wisdom. Knowing the answers to many things under the sun! Riches. You could have anything and buy anything …

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